How to Remodel a Bathroom – The Five Steps

Hello and welcome back to another entry here at the American Bath Remodeling, Inc. blog!

It may have been a minute since our last entries, but that is for good reason. Simply put, we’ve been hard at work remodeling bathroom all across the country. Things have been going great and clients everywhere have been delighted by the one-stop-shop remodeling experienced offered by Ambath.

Alright, well, enough tooting our own horn let’s get down to brass tacks. This time on the blog, we wanted to give you, the readers, in broad strokes, the 5 basics stages of how to remodel a bathroom. Ready? Let’s go!

Remodeling A Bathroom – The Five Steps
First, a quick note. Not every step is required, every time. The requirements of every job are different. A quick overview can give you a general idea of what to expect during a bathroom remodel.

Alright, hold on to your horses, don’t get the boots and gloves on just yet! You know that old saying “measure twice, cut once?” While that saying might specifically be about carpentry, the heart of it applies to everything craftsmen do. It’s about planning and being certain, before you take any action at all.

So, when it comes to bathroom remodeling, planning is the first step. Before demo, before replacing fixtures you got to have a plan. Take a look at the bathroom. What needs to happen? What would you like to happen? Have an idea? Now you need to turn it into a plan. Great that’s a start! Now if this was a DIY piece the planning would be much more thorough but if you’re working with contractors like us we can move to the next step.

This is where we get down to it and do any perform of mechanical step necessary in the remodeling. Things like moving water lines, or handling lighting wiring, are process that fit neatly under the engineering umbrella. Luckily when it comes to bathroom remodeling we don’t have to do much ‘engineering.’ We know how plumbing and wiring work and since these bathrooms aren’t being created from scratch, but remodeled, the structure is usually in place to support them, unless…

Structural Repair
Structural repair can be a big one! Bathrooms can be a source for a lot of water damage in a building, for obvious reasons. When it comes time to do a remodel it might be specifically because there is water damage that needs addressing. So, address it!. A remodel isn’t just to slap a coat of paint on it and call it good! We want to make sure that all of our efforts are served by each other in kind, creating a long-lasting, reliable bathroom remodel.

Rebuilding is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Now that the new pieces are in place where you want them, the plumbing routed through correctly, or the shower in the tub’s place, that sort of thing. Now we can put it all back together again, putting in the new drywall, the tiles flooring, etc. If the planning process determines what pieces of the puzzle we need, and the engineering/repairing steps are getting the pieces available, rebuilding is where we put the whole thing together.

Finishes are those last touches to make sure everything is just right. The new cabinet or faucet handles. The lighting fixture that looks just so. The hardware that holds up the shower curtain. These small touches go a huge way to creating a beautiful new bathroom for your guests, renters, etc. to love the space. And if they love the space, they’re going to be happy customers, and aren’t those just so much easier to work with?

Now, you can see how not every process needs to be done in each remodel. You’d hope your home or building doesn’t need any structural repair, but if necessary it is one of the common steps under the larger ‘remodelling’ umbrella. Any tried and true remodeling business will know their way around each of these steps.

Well, with all that said… looking to remodel? If you are looking to work with the best in the business when it comes to bathroom remodeling, specifically on a large scale such as in the hospitality industry or at universities, you know who to call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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